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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Reactivating the blog

For those of you who sometimes check my blog, I thank you for believing that there might be something there to read. It is not that I have been too busy to write, quite the contrary, I've been too idle to have anything to say! But I am back on track now, re-energized, getting out more and am ready to write. I will be posting from time to time again. Thanks for checking in.

Nice to see that Rudy gave up on his run for the presidency. Saves the USA a heap of embarrassment! But of course the crazy season is still on and will only get worse as the year unfolds. I mean when ANNE COULTER essentially endorses Hilary Clinton, you know politics is fixin' to be fun again!!! If only Molly Ivins were alive to make a comment on that development!



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