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Monday, July 31, 2006

My sermons might be available--someday

From time to time requests are made for copies of my sermons. Unfortunately, I usually don't have copies.

Nearly all of my sermons are preached in the oral tradition--extemporaneously using limited notes.
There is no text to send. Sending the notes would be useless as they are an amalgam of venn diagrams and flow charts. Even I don't always know the original intent when I look back at the page. And there are always tangents that don't show up in the notes. I try to record my sermons on tape, but the quality is poor. Creating transcripts is time consuming and I just can't use my time making them. Sorry.

Perhaps it is time to invest in a digital recorder---great excuse to buy an iPod!!! Then I could post them somewhere online? or send audio files? or podcasts? I don't understand the technology!

Stay tuned. I'll do my best to reproduce the sermons in accessible form.



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