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Friday, July 21, 2006

Rev. Valerie's itinerant preaching schedule

Some of my friends have asked me to post a list of preaching dates, so here they are:
July 23-- Stillwater OK (on contract for the 4th Sunday)
July 30-- Wichita KS
Aug 27-- Stillwater OK
Sep 24-- Stillwater OK
Oct 15-- Lawrence KS
Oct 22-- Stillwater OK
Nov 26-- Stillwater OK
Dec 10-- Houston, TX: Bay Area UU (tentative)
Dec 24-- Stillwater OK

I'll travel far and wide on Sundays to spread the gospel of peace,
justice, equity and compassion---that is if I get paid and travel expenses are covered! I still gotta eat.



  • At July 22, 2006 7:05 PM, Blogger Paul Tay said…

    Interesting lifestyle. My sister is also an ordained minister. More of the stay-put variety. But, the lifestyle kinda reminds me of the Buddhist monks wandering around the streets of Rangoon, Burma. Most of what I remember are they shave their heads bald, wear orange bedsheets, and beg for alms. Being a kid, I usually gave them bananas.

    I say you need a schtick of sorts. Branding. Kinda like selling soap, cars, and political candidates. Every celebrity of some repute, ill-repute or legitimate, has a brand. I have a brand. Probably mostly of the ill-repute variety, carefully choreographed for shock value and entertaining havoc on Tulsa streets.

    MLK had a brand. T.D. Jakes has a brand. Fred Phelps has a brand. You, Rev. Val Map Ack, need a brand too! Maybe if you publically indulge your burning need to burn something mentioned in your earlier post.


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